About Us

The Print Shop in Bunratty is run by myself, Aengus O'Carroll and my wife Annette, since 1984. During that time we have been visited by emperors, presidents, heads of state, film-stars, and all the other good people, many of whom still return to the shop because of the quality of the work produced by ourselves.

All the work at the press is made by Irish hands to the highest standard. All of the hand coloured prints we make are unique, and they are instinct with individual feeling and have cost, thought and care. 

 We are the only shop in the world with the full range of The Cuala Press prints on offer. 


Visitors are welcome to our shop from March through till November. This is a treasure trove of printed matter, and should be of great interest either through the site or in person. 


We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you in person.


Shipping times

  • Orders within Ireland should be expected to arrive within 3 working days.
  • EU orders 7 - 8 working days.
  • North America, Australia, and New Zealand orders will take approximately 14 working days to arrive.
  • Please note in recent months US orders are in some instances taking up to 20 working days to arrive. This delay is on the US postal side and cannot be helped. All prints are arriving even if caught in this delay!


One of the more interesting projects undertaken was for the BBC a couple of years ago, and it can be seen here: